Bishop Ron Frierson
Ron Frierson is Pastor and founder of New Covenant Christian Center Church in Saginaw, Michigan. In 1987 while ministering to the lost at a saginaw rehabilitation center, he was called by God to be a Pastor in the inner-City of Saginaw. Bishop Frierson is married to the lovely Georgette Frierson, co-founder of NCCC Church. They are the proud parents of two adult sons, Ron Jr. and Damon, one adult daughter, Gina Frierson and they are also grandparents.

Bishop Frierson was born and raised in the City of Saginaw. He attended Saginaw Public Schools. His college education includes: Delta College where he received his degree in Liberal Arts, Saginaw Valley State University, and Control Data Institute where he graduated as a Computer Technician. His education in ministry includes: Valley Bible Institute of Saginaw and S.M.T.I. Bible Institute in Midland, Michigan, where he graduated valedictorian.  Bishop Frierson received both his Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies and his Doctorate in Biblical Studies at Friends International.

Bishop Frierson is a current member of the Fellowship of International Word of Faith Ministries (FICWFM), which is under the leadership of Apostle Dr. Frederick K.C. Price (Los Angeles, California), and is the area Director for Region VIII, with responsibility for Michigan, Indiana and Canada. He is also a member of the Association of Independent Ministries (A.I.M.), which is under the leadership of Bishop Dr. I.V. Hilliard (Houston, Texas).

Bishop Ron Frierson is President of New Covenant Christian Center Board of Directors and currently serves on various boards and committees such as: the Children’s Christmas Store, Hospital Council of East Central Michigan, Saginaw Cathedral District Planning Committee, CEO of New Covenant Incorporated Community Development and East Central Michigan Health Care Foundation.

“Pastor Ron” or “ Bishop Frierson” as he is lovingly called, oversees NCCC’s Men of Honor (men’s ministry), Covenant Bible Institute and teaches NCCC’s Miracles Class as well as ministering the Word of God on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Bishop Frierson is committed to the vision God has given him as a Pastor to build People of Principle, Purpose, Prayer, Power and Praise in the inner city. His fast growing ministry meets the need of the people, by teaching the uncompromised Word of God and providing various activities, workshops and events, to equip and develop God’s people for Kingdom living. In his role to impact generations to come, Bishop Frierson also heads NCI. a community organization, which has embarked on a $7 million project in the center of the inner-City of Saginaw, Michigan, known as the Impact Center. Bishop Frierson’s vision is God’s agenda and will to fulfill God’s purpose to impact generations to come. 
Dr. Georgette Frierson
Georgette Frierson is the wife of Bishop Ron Frierson, mother of three adult children, and also a loving grandmother.  Dr. Gee, as she is affectionately called, is an ordained minister at New Covenant Christian Center where she works alongside her husband.

The Frierson's are the founders of New Covenant Christian Center, a Full Gospel, Bible-believing church, which flows with the anointing of the Holy Spirit in every service.

Dr. Gee is anointed and used by God in her own uniqueness.  Here desire is to equip the body of Christ with all of the information necessary to live a productive and successful Christian life.  Teaching them how to be fruitful, confident, and willing to stand through whatever challenges life brings their way.  Also, helping them to realize that they are God's prize creations, because we are fearfully and wonderfully made, and able to say, "there is no one else like me."

Dr. Gee is the founder of the "Women to Women" ministry at NCCCC formerly known as "Women in Prayer & Praise" (WIPP).  She strongly believes in the power of prayer, along with the belief that God has anointed and empowered each woman with gifts, talents and abilities that can be shared, in order to support, enrich and help in the building up of one another's spiritual and natural journey.

Dr. Gee is also the founder of the annual "Celebration of Womanhood and Birthday Party Event". This event is designed to do just what the title implies; celebrate women from every stage of life.  To also build character, integrity, faith, wisdom and godly self images and esteem, which in turn helps women to realize their worth and value and allows them to know that they deserve to be celebrated because it is the will of God.  Also, a time where every woman's birthday is celebrated because the day that each of us was born is very special and because some women have never had their own birthday party. This is a time where we can celebrate them and they can know that they are women of worth. 

Dr. Gee is confident that a personal relationship and fellowship with the Father God will help you to stay in His perfect will for your life.

Finally, Dr. Gee is the Author of  "Your Identity in Christ Jesus", a book that God inspired her to write about the importance of getting to the root of who God created you to be and understanding His plans and purpose for the Christian lifestyle.

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Covenant Fellowship of Faith Ministries

Through the teaching of the Word of God, through providing wholesome fellowship where God is glorified, through a Kingdom mandate for expansion of the Kingdom of God, we commit to build a fellowship that will empower men and women of God to grow and develop the maturity and skills to fulfill the assignment God has given them and develop the fellowship they need with the Holy Spirit to make it happen.